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Roasting day

Time to roast some tasty Costa Rica Direct trade coffee. We bought this coffee directly from the farmer, Carlos Arrieta.

Adding the green coffee.

Here we have the green coffee roasting, it's kinda hard to see. It's beginning to carmalize the sugars inside the bean.

Here we check the progress, observing things such as color and smell.

Once it goes thru it's 1st crack the coffee is ready and emptied into the cooling tray. Rapidly cooling the coffee is important


I love the smell of your shop! I will be in the area at the end of month and haven't been in since last October, will the shop be open on the weekends? Looks like just Saturday at the moment according to Google? I should have known you'd have a site with mail order, so won't be a stranger in the times weren't visiting the Castle Rock Lake area!


Mike Osborne
Mike Osborne
Mar 08, 2021

I can almost smell it right now!

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